Bartsakin V.V.! Who is he and what is he hiding? became aware of the details of the relationship between the Chairman of the Istra City Court Vasilyeva Yu.O. and three times convicted felon Bartsakin V.V. known under the nicknames "Istra decided" and "Valka"! Will the judge save his beloved (who was put on the international wanted list) from a prison term?

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Vladimir Bartsakin is a patriot of his country, a successful entrepreneur, and a generous philanthropist. It is these characteristics that the media attribute to him in custom articles, however, who is the man previously convicted of theft, forgery of documents and fraud really? With hidden details from the biography of a millionaire can be found in our material.


News publications began writing about Vladimir back in 2012. At that time, during a divorce, he sued his ex-wife Marina for his son Roman. Having submitted fabricated documents about his trustworthiness to the court, the merchant managed to achieve what he wanted — the child stayed with him. However, the ex-wife did not put up with the verdict and turned to public organizations. Soon the woman said that by 2012 Bartsakin had been convicted twice (the first time in 1982 for theft, and the second time in 1999 for using a fake ID of a prosecutor). Also, according to Marina, he pretended to be a former prosecutor and was engaged in fraud, and communications in the court and the police of the city of Beloretsk helped him to commit crimes.

Marina begged for help, because the judge of the Beloretsk court, Idelia Galimova, handed over her son to her twice convicted and unemployed ex-husband. But later the reason for such an ambiguous decision became clear: Bartsakin and Galimov had a romantic relationship. Vladimir surrounded his new passion with love and often gave her orders for commercial court decisions, because of which the judge was at the center of scandals. The press became more and more interested in Idelia, as a result of which she resigned and for a long time could not get a job.

Vladimir Bartsakin with Judge of the Beloretsk City Court Idelia Anvarovna Galimova.


In the same 2012, a journalist, public figure and retired colonel of the Moscow Region Bikbulatov V.G. took up the business. In his article, he described in detail about Bartsakin’s connections with the Beloretsk and Taganskaya criminal groups, as well as with the Tsygan organized crime group. In addition, for the first time it became known from Bikbulatov that Vladimir was also involved in organizing the murders of his victims by a gang of black realtors in Beloretsk. In addition to everything, the article contains information that the businessman is an avid gamer who often loses large sums of money in the casino, and is a sexually horny man who was accused of rape by several women. According to Bikbulatov, in 1982, when Vladimir was serving his first term, he was “lowered” in the zone and ranked as a “rooster” caste, after which the man received the nickname “Valka”. But there is more terrible information about this man. According to the same journalist, probably in 1999 Bartsakin had sexual contact with his 13-year-old daughter from his first marriage, Daria. In 1998, when Bartsakin was wanted for another crime, he returned from Moscow to Beloretsk and, hiding there from the investigation, remembered his daughter Daria, with whom he had not previously maintained any contacts. It is reported that Vladimir was in a sexual relationship with his child for a long time, regularly pampering Dasha with gifts, treating her to alcohol and cigarettes. Bartsakin liked to hang out in the company of teenagers — Dasha’s friends, also buying them alcohol and cigarettes. This terrible information is confirmed by people who are familiar with a native of Beloretsk. According to them, the girl thus helped her dad "relieve stress." To the suspicions and questions of acquaintances, Bartsakin replied that, in fact, Dasha was not her own daughter. Daria herself was not averse to such a company of her father. Mutual acquaintances claim that later Daria hated Bartsakin’s third wife Marina and treated their son Roman badly. Now Daria is over 30 years old, and she is married. Despite everything, the girl remains on the side of her father, who provides her financial support to this day. It is known that Bartsakin organized a business for the production of plastic bottles for his daughter and recently bought her a Toyota RAV4 car. Moreover, according to sources, the businessman tried to copulate with his second daughter from his second marriage, whose name is Marina. However, she rebuffed the pope, stopped any communication with him and changed her last name.

Human rights activist Rais Davletkuzhin, in turn, wrote that Vladimir, while serving his first term in 1982, "came under the KGB" and became a full-time informant. According to the activist, Bartsakin knows how to lie first-class, weave intrigues, skillfully recruit intelligence officers to his side, and also fabricate accusations against his enemies and victims. Rais also spoke in detail about the entrepreneur’s friendly and business ties with the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Beloretsk region, Rishat Rashitovich Baimurzin. So, in 2014, Baimurzin appeared on a video in one of the restaurants in Istra near Moscow, where Bartsakin celebrated his birthday. There is also evidence that Colonel Baimurzin R.R. is still on close terms with his old comrade.

Bartsakin V.V. and daughter Bartsakin Daria.


Let’s go back to 2012. At that time, Vladimir had already finally moved from his native Beloretsk to Istra, near Moscow, where he began to actively ingratiate himself with local businessmen, as well as make friends with police officers, prosecutors and the city court. He surrounded the officials with care, praised them and presented them with expensive gifts (mostly elite phones, household appliances and vouchers to hot countries). On all holidays, Vladimir gave chic bouquets of gigantic flowers to the wives of those in power. Bartsakin also liked to talk about his connections with high-ranking officials from the Presidential Administration, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Often, he promised new friends help in promotion. The funny thing is that Vladimir could trump a photo processed in Photoshop, in which he stands next to the Russian President of that time, Dmitry Medvedev. In addition, in the collection of photographs there was a frame in which Bartsakin showed off with a large order on his chest in the company of generals from a public organization called the BEP Academy (it was closed for a number of violations by a court decision back in 2008). Vladimir claimed that he was personally acquainted with the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Moscow Region, as well as the heads of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Investigative Committee. Through the retired major MUR Andrey Testov, with whom he had a long-standing friendship, the businessman ordered advertising laudatory articles about his person. Thus, a swindler could easily convince businessmen he knew that he was able to solve any problem.

Bartsakin with V. Korostylev and “D.A. Medvedev”, as well as with “academicians” from the BEP ACADEMY.

The main income of the entrepreneur all these years was the usual fraud. He was approached, often through intermediaries in the person of lawyers, by people with completely different requests. Usually they were asked to release from criminal liability, to influence the course of a civil or arbitration dispute in court, and also to resolve a conflict with local authorities in their favor. Bartsakin always promised to help. He told how he would “solve the issue”, after which he took money for his services. However, Vladimir did not fulfill his duties, and since the victims transferred money voluntarily and for illegal services, usually no one went to the police. And in those rare cases when the victim nevertheless wrote a statement, Bartsakin just needed close acquaintances with the Istrian police, who deftly nullified the attempts of the victims to call the swindler to account under the law. In addition, having a natural gift of persuasion, the attacker often assured the victims that he did his job efficiently, and explained the lack of results by the mistakes of the customers in communicating with the investigation and the courts.

Bartsakin’s victims were often middle-class businessmen and ordinary citizens who suffered from the arbitrariness of the authorities. But sometimes the criminal managed to lure larger fish into his nets. So, in 2014, he was sentenced to 1 year and 3 months in prison for extorting one million dollars from the head of the Genbank, Yevgeny Dvoskin. The fraudster received a minimum sentence and, according to some reports, even in prison he found new victims for his illegal business. According to our information, the swindler was able to throw a million dollars of Deputy Chairman of the Board of Home Credit Bank Martin Shaffer. Vladimir courted the banker for a long time, showed him his connections and capabilities, and also offered business projects from online casinos to IT technologies. As a result, in 2020, Martin Shaffer lost a lot of money.


In 2015, the swindler was released on parole and launched an active business activity in the Istra district. Local dishonest police officers used Bartsakin as an intermediary in receiving bribes. The businessman himself created a small taxi fleet, in which labor migrants from countries from Central Asia worked as drivers. Also in 2017, he managed to draw into the joint business the deputy head of the Department of Economic Crimes and Pest Control for the city district of Istra, police major Vladimir Vladimirovich Nazarenko. According to the information received after studying the criminal’s correspondence, we learned that Bartsakin, together with Nazarenko, bought in half a basement with an area of ​​500 square meters in Istra, Lesnaya Street, house 2. The police major registered his share in childhood friend Zhikharev Vyacheslav Olegovich. A hostel for labor migrants was organized in this basement.

Naturally, there was no talk of any observance of sanitary standards, payment of taxes and utility bills. Nazarenko resolved these issues both with the management company (for lack of utility payments) and with Rospotrebnadzor (for lack of inspections). The hostel also made money on the organization of patents and residence permits in the Russian Federation , since Nazarenko could resolve issues with the migration service. Bartsakin, together with his partner, also tried to organize a quarry sand mining business, for which two KAMAZ vehicles were even purchased (one of which was registered to Zhikharev, and the other to Nazarenko himself), but in the end, the major, according to our information, kicked Vladimir out of this business.

Nazarenko V.V. — Deputy Head of the OEBiPK for the city of Istra and a hostel for migrants in Istra, st. Forest 2.


In 2018 — 2019, after a series of scandalous articles in the media telling the truth about a cunning scammer, bloggers from the YouTube channel "Movement" began to cover his life. Social activists attended court hearings, where Bartsakin sued the widow and mother of many children, Irina Antonova, for real estate, which he actually stole from her by ordering forgery of documents (proven by a court decision) from a certain Maxim Polkovnikov. The publicity of the scandalous process greatly prevented the Istra Judge Mikhailova Larisa from concocting illegal rulings in favor of the attacker. Then Vladimir decided to remove the annoying guys with the help of other "bloggers". On July 3, 2020, a group of strong, bearded men of Caucasian appearance, led by the notorious Chechen blogger Zelimkhan, arrived at the Istra City Court. As a result, the guys beat the picketer right in front of the court building, taking away from him a poster with the inscription: “Bartsakin is a thief! The wife has a son, the widow has a house! ”, After which they used physical force against a relative of Irina Antonova and the team of the Dvizhenie channel. Violence and threats were recorded not only by the cameras of journalists, but also by the cameras of the court. The police squad was called, statements were written. But the court refused to release the recordings, citing the fact that the cameras were turned off at the time. After that, law enforcement officers did not conduct an investigation and decided to refuse to initiate a criminal case. This is not surprising, because there is evidence that Bartsakin was personally friends with the head of the Istra police department, Colonel Arkalov (who was later fired from service with a scandal in September 2021). Why the Istra city court favored the fraudster so much will become known later, only in 2022. However, this brawl has taken on quite the opposite effect. Many independent bloggers, representatives of public organizations and ordinary people were extremely outraged by the fact that adult bearded men can so easily beat a woman at the court and brazenly defend a criminal convicted three times (at that time) in a dispute with a widow with many children. Then, in the Internet media and on TV channels, a lot of stories appeared that Istra law enforcement officers were covering for a bandit named "Valka", who was trying to take property from Antonova. A personal telegram channel "Bartsakin’s Crimes" was created, in which all articles about the swindler were collected, as well as other information about his machinations. The icing on the cake was the correspondence leaked to the network by an anonymous hacker group from a mailbox that belonged to Vladimir. As it turned out, the man openly corresponded with his victims through the Yandex mail, as well as with accomplices from among retired and current employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Correspondence from another mailbox, also registered in the name of Bartsakin, but with the nickname "Vladimir Korostylev", in which the criminal communicated on behalf of General of Justice Korostylev, also got into the network. After a while, letters began to come to the telegram channel "Crimes of Bartsakin" from people who at different times suffered from the actions of a swindler.

Picketer at the Istra City Court. The journalist of the channel "Movement" interviews Bartsakin V.V.

As you know, black deeds love silence. Employees of the Istra police department instantly turned away from their recent friend. They not only stopped helping him fabricate criminal cases, but also excluded all communication with him. According to our information, Vladimir’s "partner" in the hotel business, Nazarenko, has stopped any contacts with him. After that, the Istra police officers began to call the swindler a “cock prosecutor”, since he had previously introduced himself as a former prosecutor and was “lowered” during his first term. All decisions and rulings of the Istra City Court issued from 2018 to 2020 were declared illegal by the Moscow Regional Court and canceled. Thus, the attacker was no longer helped in Istra. However, the Istra police, together with the local Investigative Committee, still does not want to investigate the crimes of the swindler and stamps refusal materials on the statements of Bartsakin’s victims. Investigator Anna Chernova from the Investigative Committee of Istra issued 7 refusals (which, in turn, were canceled by the prosecutor’s office) in initiating a criminal case on the fact of beating mother and sister Irina Antonova by a criminal, as well as the kidnapping of their family friend Gorokhov S.A. November 13, 2020 (this story was widely reported in the press). As a result, no criminal case was opened. Many media wrote about this story, including the MES telegram channel and the Moscow-24 TV channel. Then the bandit, together with his taxi drivers from Tajikistan, in the village of Krasnovidovo, Istra district, beat Olga Malashkova (sister of Irina Anto new) and her mother Lyudmila Malashkova, and also struck and forcibly put into his car (actually kidnapped) a friend of the Malashkov family Gorokhov S.A. Only half an hour later, Bartsakin’s car was stopped along with traffic police, and the kidnapped Gorokhov was released. At the same time, the kidnapper tried to get away from the chase in the oncoming lane and shouted out the open window to the police officers who were chasing him: “Your people! Their! We are to Arkalov!


After studying the correspondence that was leaked to the Internet by hackers, the reason for the extremely loyal attitude of the judges of the Istra City Court to the “rooster prosecutor” became known. As it turned out, Bartsakin has been in a close love relationship with the chairman of the Istra City Court, Yulia Olegovna Vasilyeva, for several years. The fifty-year-old swindler managed to repeat the previous love feat, just like 12 years ago with Beloretskaya judge I.A. Galimova. Only the weight of the new chosen one is much more significant, because she was the chairman of the most delicious, from the point of view of finance, court in the Moscow region, since the lands of the elite settlements on the Novo-Rizhskoye Highway are subordinate to the Istra City Court. The telegram channel “Bartsakin’s Crimes” began to receive letters with details about the relationship between judge Vasilyeva and the criminal “Valka”. It turned out that the romance went so far that at the beginning of 2021, the judge divorced her husband, whom she married when she was very young and lived for 20 years. During this time, the couple had two children (daughter Alexander and son Igor), but love for Vladimir turned out to be much stronger. In 2020, the swindler presented his companion with a brand new Cadillac XT, having bought it at Major Auto on the Novo-Rizhskoye Highway and issued it to Alexandra Vasilyeva’s daughter. In 2021, the couple flew together on vacation to the island of Cuba (from 03/10/2021 to 03/21/2021) and to Egypt (09/25/2021 to 10/05/2021), which is confirmed by data from their air tickets. Interestingly, when on October 5, 2021, Bartsakin, together with Vasilyeva, flew to Domodedovo from Egypt, he was detained by criminal investigation officers right at the airport and taken to the Lyubertsy police department for interrogation. All this happened (as we understand it) in front of the judge. However, not this detention, not many other facts indicating that Bartsakin is a swindler, criminal and rogue, did not force the woman to abandon relations with him. Mutual acquaintances claim that Yulia Olegovna fell in love with a bandit "up to her ears", so she could forgive him almost everything, and even betrayal.

Judge Vasilyeva Yew.Oh. Bartsakin’s car insurance policy, which includes Vasilyeva and her daughter. Parking at Vasilyeva’s house (Cadillac and Volkswagen issued to Vasilyeva’s daughter, Land Cruiser Bartsakin and service judge’s Toyota Camry).

Why did we write about adultery? Because the swindler continued promiscuity in 2021, and, in addition to a joint holiday with the judge, he flew with one of his mistresses (ex-wife, fourth in a row) Tatyana Maltseva to Cuba and Sochi (which is confirmed by the data of their joint tickets and holiday photos). Vasilyeva not only forgave treason and criminal activity, but also abandoned her property in favor of her beloved. So, according to our sources, in August 2022, for more than 10 million rubles, a woman sold her apartment in Krasnogorsk on Lenin Street in order to have funds to buy her lover from criminal liability. The judge even asked the employees of the prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Moscow Region to help Bartsakin. Since the criminal business of the fraudster collapsed, and all his property was arrested by bailiffs by decision of the civil court on the suit of Antonova, the swindler began to live off his passion. During the divorce, Vasilyeva’s ex-husband called his wife to reason, cursed with her and explained that relations with such personalities would not lead to good, but the chairman did not want to listen to anything.


For almost the entire 2022, Vladimir was hiding from the investigation, which wanted to interrogate him about fraudulent actions against the Lyubertsy district police officer Levchenko and his wife Aleksandra Ruchkina, who is under investigation. According to investigators, Bartsakin received 500,000 rubles from Ruchkina, allegedly for helping to free Levchenko from criminal responsibility, thanks to his connections in the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Moscow Region. But immediately after receiving the money, the attacker flew to Egypt with Judge Vasilyeva. Irina Antonova, who also suffered from the actions of a swindler, by that time had completely despaired. For three years, employees of the Istra BEPiPK under the leadership of Nazarenko V.V. fabricated criminal cases against Irina and her relatives (which were later terminated by the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Moscow Region), conducted illegal searches in their houses and apartments, brought various charges and put them on the wanted list. Vladimir and the taxi drivers serving him (citizens of the countries of Central Asia) followed Antonova’s relatives, threatened them and even beat them. Head of the investigation of the Department of Internal Affairs for the Strogino district Ermilov Nikolai Olegovich (an acquaintance of Bartsakin) fabricated a criminal case against Irina and Stanislav Melnikov (brother of Antonova’s late husband) in which they were both accused of stealing a Mercedes car from Vladimir. The main witness for the prosecution was Anastasia Vegerova, a former mistress of a swindler, a native of Beloretsk, who (according to mutual acquaintances) received a Toyota RAV4 as a gift from Bartsakin in 2019 (like her daughter Daria). The head of the investigation, Yermilov, also received significant amounts of money from the swindler for each investigative action. It should be noted that Ermilov N.O. lives clearly beyond his means, because he owns a luxurious house in Krasnogorsk, as well as apartments on the coast of Bulgaria (registered to the parents of Yermilov’s wife), and two apartments in Krasnogorsk, which is confirmed by real estate statements). The law enforcement officer and his unemployed wife move in expensive foreign cars Audi A-4 and BMW X6. Investigator Lina Bobrova, Yermilov’s subordinate, charged Melnikov and Antonova within two days and put them on the wanted list. Later, the search was declared illegal by the court and cancelled. But the investigation of the Strogino Department of Internal Affairs under the leadership of Yermilov did not notify the criminal investigation department of the cancellation, and in May 2022 Antonova was detained at Domodedovo airport upon arrival from Spain, after which she was handcuffed and taken for interrogation to the head of the investigation. The purpose of Irina’s arrival was just to testify at the Investigative Committee of the Moscow Region on charges of fraud against Bartsakin. As a result, thanks to lawyers, the accusations of stealing a Mercedes from a widow with many children were dropped, after which the released Irina testified against the swindler in the Investigative Committee of the Moscow Region.

Ermilov NO, his luxurious mansion in an expensive area of ​​Krasnogorsk and rest in an apartment in Bulgaria.

Another person who tried to help the criminal fabricate criminal cases against Irina, who is a former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and an employee of the Presidential Administration, is Morozov Viktor Timofeevich. This “fixer” promised Bartsakin help and connections in the Main Investigative Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Ministry of Defense, and (according to our information) even managed to negotiate with investigator Sorokina, who was conducting a criminal case on his application. However, Vladimir deceived Morozov and did not give him the promised amount of money, after which the investigator Sorokina stopped the criminal case.

Investigator of the Department of Internal Affairs for the Strogino district of Moscow, Bobrova L.V. and "fixer" in the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Ministry of Defense Morozov V.T.

As a result, Antonova won all civil courts, although she had previously lost them in the city of Istra. The illegal decisions of the Istra judges were canceled, and Irina’s property returned to her property again. Then Bartsakin, realizing that he was losing property, according to our version, set fire to one of the houses, which belongs to the widow by decision of the Moscow Regional Court. After that, the Istra police recognize the swindler as a victim in a criminal case of arson, considering that Bartsakin is the owner of the burnt property. Soon, law enforcement officers came to the woman and her family with searches. This lawlessness of the police would have continued further if it were not for the publicity in the media and the intervention of the people’s deputy of the State Duma, as well as the well-known fighter against corruption Khinshtein Alexander Evseevich. After a deputy’s request, not only the Investigative Committee became interested in the activities of the fraudster and his partners in uniform, but also the Internal Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Moscow Region, together with the FSB officers.

To date, the swindler has been charged with fraud on an especially large scale, committed by a group of persons by prior agreement. Against the businessman, the girl, whom he tricked into the scam with the re-registration of Antonova’s houses, and the master who forged title documents, and even one of his assistants, testified against the businessman. Bartsakin was arrested in absentia by decision of the Tverskoy Court and put on the federal and international wanted list. To this day, he is hiding from the investigation. All of Bartsakin’s property was arrested by bailiffs (including a share in the premises for an illegal hotel for migrants in Istra)! Former partners in illegal business, represented by current Istra police officers, are sitting quieter than water and below the grass, and, apparently, are waiting for calls for interrogation at the CSS. However, Vladimir still has someone to rely on — the court chairman in love is still trying to help him. According to our sources, the money from the sale of an apartment in Krasnogorsk was not enough to buy off the “cock prosecutor” from criminal prosecution, so now Vasilyeva is trying to sell her parking spaces in a garage in the same city. Will Judge Vasilyeva be able to save Bartsakin and save her career? A question that apparently already has an answer.

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